About ThinkFleet

IT’S IN OUR BLOOD. Steve Cook, the founder of Think Global Solutions, comes from a family with business history in the Automotive industry.  In 1930, Cook’s Garage was started by Steve’s Grandfather, Roy Cook, where he offered 24 hour mobile auto services in Edmonton, AB until 1955.  Little did Steve know that 90+ years later, he would be following in his grandfather’s footsteps, running a business with focus on great customer service like back in the day but with today’s technological advances. 

In 2017, ThinkFleet Management opened its doors and provided customizable fleet management solutions to Delivery Service Providers (DSP’s) across Canada.  ThinkFleet helped Amazon DSP’s acquire their fleet of vehicles while also providing 24 hour mobile fleet maintenance services to help minimize vehicle downtime and operational costs.  Today, ThinkFleet is servicing and supporting numerous industries including Government, Cold Chain, Final Mile, and various Trade services. 

At ThinkFleet, we strive to deliver the best customer service while constantly developing additional products and programs that will help our clients run and grow their business.  Our customer’s success is our success therefore we are committed to providing custom fleet solutions so that our customers can focus on their business, while they leave us to manage their fleet. 


Management & maintenance of fleet vehicles

Managing fleet damage and repairs required

Scheduling service maintenance with telematics

Access to preferred vendor pricing therefore the lowest cost

Minimizing downtime with mobile maintenance services

Managing fuel cards & reporting on fuel consumption

Monitoring and reporting driver behavior

Acquiring fleet vehicles required for your business

Upfitting your fleet vehicles according to your needs

Providing you the best financing options

Remarketing and reselling your vehicles

Markets We Serve

Anything to Consumer (X2C)

Selling goods and services between a business and consumer that goes beyond receiving a package from a physical or online store.

Last-Mile Delivery

Movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination.

Business Fleet Management

Helping businesses in various industries that require fleet management services such as maintenance of fleet vehicles.