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Whether you're in the food business or pharmaceutical industry, you're likely to need cold transportation occasionally. As demand for products and competition continues to rise, business owners can't afford to have a truckload of wares spoil in transit. Luckily, Think Global Solutions has the services you need to protect your items. Our team introduces clients to cold transportation solutions that change the game. We can help you equip your entire fleet with the innovative VebaBox, which will work overtime to keep your temperature-sensitive products in top shape. Learn more about how our cold transportation solutions can boost your business.

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The think global solution staff checking the breakdown problem at Burnaby, BC

Introducing the VebaBox

As the exclusive supplier of VebaBox in Canada, we're proud to have helped so many cold chain businesses get the most out of their fleet vehicles. While you may be familiar with other methods of mobile cold transportation, VebaBox is a cut above the rest. Here's what you should know about this innovative solution:

The think global van with vebabox at  Burnaby, BC.

How We Approach Cold TRANSPORTATION Storage

At Think Global Solutions, we like to think outside the box when it comes to cold transportation. We know that every business has slightly different needs, and we strive to cater to them with a customized approach. While some fleet management companies will present you with a packaged solution, you can count on us for personalized services that prioritize the following:

  • Modularity: Our cold transportation solutions can be reused and transferred to different vehicles. That means no upfitting costs!
  • Low Fuel Consumption: Are you concerned about the price of fuel? The VebaBox does not require a running engine to stay powered.
  • Increased Uptime: The VebaBox has an exchangeable cooling unit that encourages your drivers to stay on the road and avoid downtime.
  • Maximum Returns: Installing a VebaBox requires no major alterations to your fleet vehicles. Should you plan to sell your vehicle in a few years, you'll still be able to maximize its return value.
  • Versatility: Our cold transportation solutions present a range of temperatures, making them easy to use for all applications.
  • Flexibility: Do you need to combine cooled and uncooled distribution into one fleet vehicle? The VebaBox has the flexibility to accommodate you.

Ask About Our Top-of-the-Line Products

ThinkCold, and by extension Think Global Solutions, is proud to introduce an outstanding line of cold transportation solutions. We offer several VebaBox models, all with their own temperature range and size. Let us know your needs and specifications, and we'd be glad to match you with the ideal cold transportation solution.

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Our Products

The Veba box economy line model A at Burnaby, BC

Economy Line Model A

1250L /45ft3

-20C to +25C

Temp Range

Ideal for Compact Cargo Vans Connect/Metris/NV200

The model of TC vebaBox model.

Economy Model A208

4925L / 174ft3

+2C to +25C

Temp Range

Ideal for Mid Roof Transits, Sprinters or ProMasters

The model-o Veba box from Think global solutions at Burnaby, BC

Economy Line Model O

1650L / 60ft3

-10C to +5C

Temp Range

Ideal for partially conditioned space. Fits inside door of a midsized Cargo Van.

The model of TC vebaBox model.

Economy Line Model S


+2C to +25C

Temp Range

Ideal for High Roof Transits

Sprinter, Transit

Changing the Cold TransportATion Game

Cold transportation is incredibly important in today's business world. Fortunately, Canadian businesses can count on Think Global Solutions and the VebaBox for top-notch solutions. Our innovative and cost-effective approach to cold transportation brings you exceptional results without eating up your profits. Get in touch with us today to get more details on installing the VebaBox.

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