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At the forefront of vehicle acquisition, our service simplifies the process for businesses of all sizes. Leveraging our extensive industry connections across the nation, we offer expertise to identify and procure vehicles that fulfill specific business requirements while adhering to budgetary limitations. Our all-encompassing approach allows businesses to remain focused on their core operations while we manage the intricacies of fleet expansion or upgrading.

Popular Vehicles

We spotlight industry favorites such as the versatile Ford F-150 with its sizable center stack screen and the efficient Ford Transit Connect Van, equipped with auto start-stop technology and a rearview camera. Our lineup also includes the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van, boasting advanced features like active brake assist, and the GMC Savana Cargo Van, offering substantial cargo space and trailering capabilities. The Ford Transit Cargo Van, with its safety-focused features, is another common fleet addition.


Custom Financing Options

Understanding the financial aspect of fleet management, our ThinkFinance division specializes in custom finance solutions that cater to varied business needs. From leasing options to comprehensive maintenance programs and nation mechanical warranty coverage, we strive to ensure the lowest cost of ownership for your fleet. 

Our offerings are expansive, encompassing rental purchase options, operating leases, finance leases, commercial loans, and master lease programs for streamlined monthly invoicing. We also provide consolidation financing, combining all rentals into a single manageable bill.

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Calculating the Cost

For businesses concerned about the hidden costs of fleet management, our Fleet Cost Calculator serves as a critical tool, providing valuable insights into the financial aspects of maintaining and operating a fleet.



Maintenance Solutions

Keeping your fleet operational and in prime condition is important, and our maintenance solutions are designed to minimize downtime and prevent unexpected breakdowns regardless of your vehicles’ locations. Our maintenance packages include scheduled on-site services using telematics for fleet management and mobile maintenance so that your vehicle remains roadworthy at all times. If your Business is without Telematics, we will upfit your fleet to better serve your needs.

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Parking Solutions

Our secure Super Lots, featuring 24/7 surveillance and proximity to transit offer peace of mind and convenience for fleet parking needs. Despite the high demand, as evidenced by the sold-out status of our lot at 2909 Bainbridge Ave, we now offer new spots at 8500 Commerce Court albeit with limited availability.

Parking Solutions

Upfitting Services

Our upfitting services cater to diverse business needs, enhancing the functionality and performance of your fleet vehicles. Partnering with national suppliers allows us to manage the entire upfitting process from assessment to delivery, all designed to fill your specific needs. Our upfitting services range from offering various cargo packages and ladder-racking traffic control technology that allows you to better communicate with other drivers and pedestrians for maximum safety on the road.

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Cold TRANSPORT Solutions

For businesses requiring cold transportation solutions, we introduce the VebaBox, an innovative system that maintains the quality of temperature-sensitive products during transit. This technology is a boon for industries such as food services and pharmaceuticals. For more information about any of the services we provide and how we can manage your fleet's total lifecycle, visit our website or call us at 1-855-532-1948. We look forward to serving you.

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