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Our ThinkCold division offers the most innovative and unique solution for cold transportation in the market today. Our solution, the VebaBox, is modular, therefore it is reusable, transferrable, and decreases your fleet upfitting costs. Opting for a VebaBox solution allows you to maximize your return on your fleet as you sell and replace your vehicles.

The Think global service van iwth Think cold Veba box at Burnaby, BC

Why VebaBox

The addition of the VebaBox to your fleet vehicles changes the way you do business. This transforms your vehicle into a refrigerated unit without making permanent changes so that it can be sold if the time comes. This benefits health, pharmaceutical, and food industry partners.


The VebaBox can be customized to fit virtually any fleet vehicle.

Low Fuel Consumption

The VebaBox runs on your vehicle battery so you can manage your fuel consumption more efficiently.

Temperature Control

No matter what you are transporting, VebaBox can help, manage the temperature to  ensure quality of your products.

Cost Effective

Transfer your VebaBox from vehicle to vehicle to decrease upfitting costs.

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