Products & Services

Fleet Vehicle Acquisition

At ThinkFleet, our fleet experts know the right vehicles that will support your business needs. Not only do we provide you with cost-effective pricing and competitive rates, but we also help you obtain the highest return on your investment.

Fleet Upfitting

Through our national partner with facilities across Canada, we can provide all your upfitting needs. When it comes to upfitting, we make sure the work is done correctly, the process goes smoothly, and your vehicles conform exactly to your specifications.

    Fleet Financing

    At ThinkFleet, you can count on us to help you achieve your financial objectives when it comes to your fleet financing. Our fleet experts work with you to find the financing options that maximize your bottom line and move your business forward.

        Fleet Vehicle Remarketing

        Our fleet experts have vast industry knowledge, experience and connections which makes it easy to re-market and re-sell your fleet vehicles. We know the most effective sales strategy to get you the best return for your fleet vehicles.

        ThinkFleet Maintenance Plan (TFMP)

        ThinkFleet’s maintenance program handles all the scheduled maintenance from booking to billing.  Our mission is to minimize your downtime therefore our scheduled maintenance can be completed on-site and after hours by a mobile mechanic.  Our maintenance plan also comes with access to our Service Support Line to help with unplanned stoppages or breakdowns.  We are here to provide support to get your fleet back up and running as soon as possible.

        Our Maintenance plan includes:

        • Scheduling your fleet vehicle’s service maintenance when needed
        • Monitoring your fleet telematics to track vehicle location and monitor mileage and vehicle performance
        • Provide mobile service maintenance to minimize your fleet’s downtime
        • Provide vehicle inspection report and record any issues/repairs needed

        ThinkFleet Advantage Plan (TFAP)

        ThinkFleet makes managing your fleet easy. We offer flexible plans that are customizable according to your fleet needs. Our nationwide vendor partners are trusted, vetted and are committed to serving you and completing your fleet maintenance and repairs quickly so that you can get back on the road.  From managing your driver’s behaviour to managing your fleet damage & fuel, ThinkFleet is your partner in ensuring your vehicles are properly managed.

        We offer the following ThinkFleet Advantage Plans:

        • TFAP Rollin’ Basic
        • TFAP Rollin’ Advanced
        • TFAP Custom

        Depending on your requirements, you can choose the following TFAP management services:

        • Driver Onboarding/Training: On-site training where we onboard and train your drivers on how to perform vehicle pre-inspections.
        • Driver Management: Monitoring your driver’s behaviour to ensure they are taking care of your fleet vehicle to maximize its life.
        • Management Reporting: Providing you management reports that shows your drivers performance and the health of your fleet vehicles.
        • Fleet Damage Management: Monitoring the damage to your fleet vehicles and scheduling any repairs needed with our vendor partner network.
        • Fuel Management: Managing your fuel cards to ensure drivers are not abusing its use and to monitor & control fuel consumption.
        • Vendor Management: Giving you access to the best and lowest pricing because of our vendor partner network.
        • Fleet Optimization: Managing your fleet vehicles to maximize value & optimize its life cycle with the current market and minimal inventory availability.
        • Fleet Cost Management: Minimizing your fleet management costs by utilizing our service support team and giving you access to the lowest prices.
        • Asset Protection & Remarketing: Informing you about the optimal time to remarket your fleet vehicles and providing you replacement options.