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Global warming makes investing in the cold chain essential

These days, it would seem that not a day goes by without reports in the media on the effects of climate change. Along with drought, rising sea levels and increasingly extreme weather, global warming is one of the critical issues being discussed. When it comes to the causes of global warming, there is some controversy. Climate sceptics vehemently deny that the human race is responsible for it. But there is no denying that temperatures are actually rising. And the responsibility that increasing temperatures create for producers and transporters working in pharmaceuticals, food and healthcare cannot be denied either. These are sectors that must take action – and fast, because the rising temperatures are snapping at our heels.

Increases of 1 to 5 Degrees

Various studies have shown that the earth has become almost one degree warmer since the second half of the 20th century (IPCC, 2013). How warm it is likely to become over coming decades has been estimated using models. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has constructed scenarios showing the earth becoming 2.6°C to 4.8°C warmer than it is now by the end of the 21st century (2081-2100). In its most cautious scenario, the earth’s temperature will rise by 1.7°C by the end of this century.

Significant Differences in Temperature Rises

Temperatures are not rising at the same rate everywhere: the increases vary from place to place. In the Netherlands, the temperature has actually risen twice as fast as the average. Almost everywhere, heatwaves are hotter than they were a century ago. In the east of the United States, they are now as hot as during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. The temperature on the coldest day of the year is now rising even more rapidly: up to five times as fast as the worldwide average temperature.

The Challenge for Producers and Transporters

So, temperatures are undeniably rising, more rapidly in some places than in others. This means a greater responsibility on the part of producers and transporters to ensure that temperatures are properly controlled during the transportation and storage of goods. And then not only while they are travelling from A to B but across the whole of the cold chain.

VebaBox Helps in Tackling Climate Change

To help you to meet your responsibilities, VebaBox supplies modular solutions for all kinds of temperature-sensitive products. For specific markets, such as pharmaceuticals, food and healthcare, we introduce innovations, following technological and qualitative trends. This is because we want to help our customers shoulder their responsibility and offer them guaranteed temperature stability for the storage and transportation of their goods, even when temperatures are excessive, as they were in 2018.

But VebaBox also does more: we continuously develop innovations relating to new, energy-efficient solutions. The way we see it, responsibility within the sector has to do with much more than simply meeting the requirements of our current customers. We share a responsibility for trying to limit temperature increases. We have dedicated ourselves to making the cold chain as close to energy-neutral as possible. And we want to work with our suppliers, customers and innovators to achieve this.

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