Food in the cold chain: where is it headed?

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Major changes are currently underway in the food sector. As consumer demands change, so do the logistics chains. Consumers expect a diverse and continuous offering in the shops, expanded shopping hours and sales channels, home food delivery and quality assurance. Every one of these consumer developments is causing significant changes in temperature-controlled storage and transport. How do we in the cold chain cope with such developments?

Insights From Data

Data analysis and artificial intelligence are increasingly being put to use in the cold chain. Thanks to the application of the Internet of Things, we can get a much clearer picture of everything that happens along the entire chain. Temperature sensors give us continuous insight into how refrigeration systems are operating. Using all this information allows us to save a lot of energy by, for example, cooling at precisely those times when energy is cheapest. We are also increasingly able to control the physical environment from a distance by reading and controlling systems remotely. With data, we can optimize the entire chain.

Tangible Evidence

It is becoming increasingly important to be able to prove that products are of the correct quality. Our sector is on the verge of having near-real-time insight into the entire chain. Advanced sensors allow us to register, monitor and communicate with systems and products. We can track the status of transport or storage 24/7. Often, we can use a built-in printer to hand over a temperature report to the customer immediately upon arrival. And, in the cold chain, seeing is believing, so the proof of quality must be made as visible as possible.

The Importance of Specialization in the Food Chain

With the increased competition, food producers need to focus more than ever on their strength in developing quality food. Partnerships and outsourcing are becoming more and more common in the food chain. In that same sense, it is crucial that suppliers differentiate themselves even further in the crowded market. This also means that not just any carrier can work in the cold chain with its specific logistics challenges. The best companies in the cold chain are rising to the top by investing in knowledge, technology and smart solutions.

Vebabox as Cold Chain Innovator

VebaBox develops products that help food producers, wholesalers and retailers in the quality transport of food. To do this, we use passive and active refrigeration systems, specialized sensors and smart equipment. Thanks to a flexible use of technology, VebaBox can deliver tailor-made solutions. In every part of the cold chain and in every vehicle, we can chill or heat to between 2 °C and 25 °C, and freeze from-22 °C to 5 °C. Even at the point of transfer and without the motor running, we can guarantee – and verify – the right conditions for temperature-sensitive products. At VebaBox, we are experts at providing solutions for a cold chain that is break-free from beginning to end, and as sustainable as possible.

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