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Imagine never having to book or coordinate repairs or maintenance for your fleet again.  

Outsourcing fleet maintenance is a strategic decision that offers numerous benefits for businesses. We created a subscription-based fleet maintenance program so that we are able to help fleets of all sizes and get the benefits of working with a fleet management partner.  

Here are the top reasons why our clients love it and how we can save you both money and time: 

  1. Cost Savings: Outsourcing fleet maintenance reduces operating costs, including labour expenses for experienced mechanics, training costs, and warehouse or garage rent/mortgage. In addition, our clients save on their overall fleet operating costs due to a proactive maintenance approach. Operating your fleet this way will reduce the amount of unexpected repairs and downtime expenses.
  1. Expertise Access: Service providers have specialized knowledge and access to skilled specialists, ensuring that your fleet receives top-notch maintenance and repairs. Not to mention you will gain access to our preferred pricing through our vendor network.  
  1. Reduced Downtime: Outsourcing allows for quicker turnaround times, minimizing downtime and keeping your fleet operational. We manage your fleet proactively and book maintenance when your vehicles aren’t in use so you never lose productivity during revenue-generating hours.  
  1. No Booking & Scheduling: Outsourcing fleet management means the service provider takes care of sourcing and managing spare parts, relieving you of the responsibility. Never worry about booking or ordering parts for your fleet again. 
  1. Data you can understand & use: Utilizing telematics allows us to create reports that give you insight into your total fleet health which helps you make cost-saving decisions about repairs and replacement vehicles. Our experts can help you interpret this data so that you can make decisions quickly and efficiently.
  1. Increase employee safety & satisfaction: In addition to the reports on your fleet, we are also able to provide employee reports on driving behaviour, including harsh braking, acceleration, and compliance. This helps to manage your staff and increase their overall safety and enhance their satisfaction.  

Outsourcing fleet maintenance not only saves you money by reducing costs but also saves valuable time, allowing you to focus on core business activities. Learn more about our new total fleet management program, we are here to help choose the right plan for you.

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