About ThinkCold

ThinkCold, a solution management company and a division of ThinkGlobal Solutions, has partnered with VebaBox Cool Solutions in selling their refrigerated container VebaBox®, to fleet companies serving the cold-chain industry in Canada. A VebaBox® is an insert refrigerated container placed in the cargo space of a commercial vehicle with minor modifications to the vehicle. This product serves many cold-chain industries such a Food, Pharmaceuticals, Health, Floral, Laboratory and many more.

ThinkCold’s vision is to provide the best cooling solution to the Cold-Chain Fleet Industry across Canada. Our mission is to keep fleets temperature controlled with minimal cost and maximum value.

Markets We Serve

Anything to Consumer (X2C)

Helping fleets transport temperature-sensitive goods between a business and consumer.

Business Fleet Management

Helping businesses in various industries that require goods to be in a temperature-controlled environment during transportation.