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VebaBox  Product

VebaBox® is a flexible, innovative, and low-cost solution whereby a refrigerated container is inserted into the cargo space of a standard commercial vehicle with a minor modification. The installation and removal of the VebaBox® is simple and can be reused with other commercial vehicles, which increases the residual value of the vehicle when it is being replaced. This product is delivered from stock, can be operational within 48 hours of a simple installation, can be reused, has a low initial investment, low cost of ownership, and is very easy to service.

The VebaBox® is available for a large variety of vehicles and enables your business to transport your temperature-sensitive products under the right conditions, which guarantees the quality of your shipment.

The VebaBox® line can fit in any commercial fleet vehicle model.  Popular models include the following:

Fleet Vehicle Model

VebaBox® Model

Pro Master or Pro Master City

Model A, A208

Transit Connect or Transit

Model A, A208

NV200 or NV

Model A, A208

Metris or Sprinter

Model A, A208

The VebaBox® makes your cold-chain business flexible:

  • Easily combine cool and non-refrigerated transport.
  • High uptime due to an exchangeable refrigeration unit.
  • Low energy consumption - runs on 12V, 24V, 110V or 220V.
  • VebaBox® product range from 450L to 6000L capacity with temperature control that ranges from 2˚C to 25˚C.

Investing in a VebaBox® gives you the following advantages:

  • Unit temperature is easily set and controlled
  • Removable and can be transferred to other vehicles
  • VebaBox® provides versatility to existing fleet.
  • A cost-effective investment.
  • Easy to service, thermal unit can be replaced in minutes.
  • After removal, vehicle remains unmodified for higher residual value.

Available VebaBox® Models:

  • Model A Cool
  • •    TUC2000 with temp range 2-25˚C
  • •    Dimensions: 1013 x 844 x 1401 mm | Capacity: 1250 L
  • Model A Freeze
  • •    TUF2000 with temp range -18-2˚C
  • •    Dimensions: 1013 x 844 x 1401 mm | Capacity: 1250 L
  • Model A208
  • •    TUC6000 with temp range 2-25˚C
  • •    Dimensions: 1224 x 1594 x 2997 mm | Capacity: 5650 L
  • Model B
  • •    TUC2000 with temp range 2-25˚C
  • •    Dimensions: 844 x 794 x 612 mm | Capacity: 450 L
  • Model C
  • •    TUC2000 with temp range 2-25˚C
  • •    Dimensions: 894 x 894 x 920 mm | Capacity: 850 L